Knee Brace + Bonus Compression Knee Sleeve by Support-n-Brace

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Manufacturer Description

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Our Products are Backed by Our Manufacturers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with a 1 Year Free Replacement Warranty

*Our Integrity & Commitment: When you buy from us, you are placing your trust in us, it is our job to take care of you and any issues you may have with our products, we owe you that. *By The Support-n-Brace Team

- The Medium and Large Knee Brace and Knee Sleeve from Support-n-Brace is Made of Quality Materials and will last you a long time, if not, there are always exceptions guys, please let us know so we can take care of it for you. Ok? Also, the Knee Brace can get hot with vigorous exercise, use the Compression Knee Sleeve instead

- This Knee Brace was built to give you the support you need. You should feel the support and quality of the brace the first time you put it on.

Use Measuring & Sizing Chart found in the pictures section:

1. Medium Knee Brace Size: 14 - 16.5 Inches (35.56 cm – 41.91 cm)

2. Large Knee Brace Size: 16.5 - 20 Inches (41.91 cm - 50.80 cm) /p>

3. X-Large Knee Brace Size: 20 - 24 Inches (50.85cm - 60.96cm)/p>

Buy Your New Knee Brace \ Knee Sleeve Today from Support-n-Brace, You have nothing to lose, only support and pain relief to gain.

You Need to *Take Care of You, So You Can Take Care of the Ones You Love*

Product Features

COMFORTABLE QUALITY COMPRESSION -This Knee Brace is Quality Made w/ Soft Breathable Material over Neoprene, both on the Inside & Out; This Brace Wraps Around Your Leg and Knee with Soft Flexible Seams for More Comfort; It does not Bunch up, Dig in or Cause Chafing Into the back of Your Leg like many other Braces on the Market - *The Brace is Mainly for Healing and Light Activity* FUNCTIONAL SUPPORT - 4 Ultra Strong Elastic Springs - 2 Stabilizers on each side of your Knee to Help with Stabilization. This type of Knee Brace is to help promote healing & supporting the Knee Joints of Athletes that maybe over did it. Athletes that are into Running, Basketball, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Crossfit, Football, Tennis, Baseball, Mountain Biking, Soccer, Hiking Cycling and Yes Even Just Walking. *This Knee Brace can get warm / hot if used in excessive activity - Use it to HEAL EASY & PRACTICAL - Simple and Easy to Put On and Adjust Over Your Knee, No Complicated Straps to Fumble with While Getting the Brace Into the Correct Position, Like You Have To Do With Other Braces On the Market; This Gives You the Ability to Quickly and Independently Slip the Knee Brace Support Over Your Leg and Adjust it Over Your Knee Without Having to Fumble with Multiple Straps BONUS OPTION - This Knee Brace can be Used with Your Bonus Compression Knee Sleeve; You can put on the Compression Knee Sleeve and then put the Knee Brace Over the top of It for Even More Support, when needed; Using the Pair Together Can Help with Tendinitis; Tendonitis and other Tendon and Joint Pain; Plus Supports Athletics Like Squats, Injury from Lifting and Other Sport AWESOME RELIEF - Maximum Support with Flexible Straps; Our Brace Wraps around your Whole Knee, which gives the Best Support - Just slip the Knee Brace and/or Sleeve over your Leg and fit it over your Patella (knee cap) - Then use the Flexible Stabilizing Velcro Straps to Adjust the Tightness to your desired level of Comfort - Ever use a Knee Brace that you Couldn't Tighten Enough? You will "Not" have that issue with this Knee Brace - This helps reduce Pain Fast with the Compression Spread Evenly

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