Wearing Knee Braces

Importance of Wearing Knee Braces

Sustaining an injury is a painful aspect of any activity. One of the most typical injuries experienced by athletes and any one else for that matter is the Anterior Cruciate Components (ACL) injury. The ACL is one of the four important knee ligaments structures. It is responsible for preventing excessive activity of the of the knee joints.

Most ACL injuries occur during automobile accidents, rough play and falls. But incredibly, more than 80% of all sports-related ACL injuries occur without contact with anyone. This implies that the kneee injury was due to the injured individual himself. One of the main causes of sports-related ACL injuries is when pivoting or landing after a jump.

For example, a football player catches the ball in midair then lands back on the ground with his feet planted one way, while his knees are turned another way. The worst part is that this type of injury can occur no matter how fit you are or how old you are.

Knee Braces can be as simple as a stretchy neoprene sleeve or a complex custom-fitted support cage. These are used when the knee is damaged or too weak to support itself, or if there is a case where a person with a knee injury must participate in a rigorous physical activity.